Down and Nerdy 401: Hi-Brow/Low-Brow

This week we talk about the novels that have grabbed us lately; we talk about Harper Lee and Brian Williams (two separate conversations, they are, not related); we talk about expectations we have of modern television epics; and we play a great game of “hi-brow/low-brow” – what two movies would you show together that have one thing in common, but one is WAY classier than the other? (HINT: That’s “The Battleship Potemkin” and “Battleship” in the cover image up there. Fun game, yes?)

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Down and Nerdy Episode 302: The book was so much better

A couple of recent films lead us into a discussion about what makes a great (or terrible) book-to-movie adaptation, Scott preaches about why “The Walking Dead” is still one of the best shows on TV (massive spoilers if you’re not caught up, BTW), we get deep about the space program and its recent setbacks, and each of us shares a perfect turn of phrase – maybe a line from a poem or song or book – that we just adore every time we read or hear it. (It does get slightly NSFW toward the very end, so heads up.) Continue reading


Down and Nerdy episode 301: Something Nerdy This Way Comes

So for the Halloween episode (and the launch of our third season!), we talk about why watching a movie in a movie theater is better/worse than watching at home. We talk about the new Avengers trailer, and our favorite things about fall and Halloween. But we also spend a pretty large amount of time talking about some disturbing stuff, and whether it’s possible to separate an artist from their art, especially when the artist turns out to be a person who might have done some terrible things.

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Down and Nerdy Episode 040: Oh grow up!

An article in this week’s New York Times Magazine posits that nobody in America wants to grow up anymore. This week, the team argues childishly about that article.

Well, perhaps not childishly, but we do try to unpack the very dense article by A.O. Scott, “The Death of Adulthood in American Culture,” which you should probably read first before listing to this episode. Continue reading